Drink of the Week – May 25th


On behalf of The Whiskey Sisters we’d like to celebrate this week’s Drink of the Week, not by selecting one drink in particular, but by wishing you a Happy National Wine Day.

We’re celebrating all things red, white, rose, and sparkling!

Whether you enjoy a crisp and light Sandbanks Riesling, or a dark and rich Pelee Island Baco Noir, you can’t go wrong with a nice glass of wine made right here in Ontario.

With so many delicious wines to choose from, it’s easy to pair it with your favourite meal or snack.

And for those of you having wine as your snack, we know it’s been a long week and we salute you for making it to the weekend.

Drink of the Week – May 15


In collaboration with our Long Weekend Survival Kit Giveaway, this week’s Drink of the Week is none other than the Dark and Stormy.

Whether sitting around a camp fire or soaking up the sun, this light and refreshing drink is exactly what you need.

This winning combination of spiced rum and sumptuous non-alcoholic ginger beer, is best served on the rocks with a splash of fresh squeezed lime juice.

The best part about it? You have the entire long weekend to add this drink to your favourites!


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Drink of the Week – May 7


With Mother’s Day fast approaching, it was only appropriate for us to choose a drink of the week that would pair well with a delicious home-made brunch.

The strawberry-mint sparkler is sure to impress.

With hints of fresh squeezed lime, muddled strawberries, mint, vodka, and just the right amount of club soda to give it a bubbly kick.

Add in a dash of simple syrup for that perfect touch of sweetness, and top it off with your choice of a lime wheel, mint leaf, or fresh strawberry.

We know this flavour combo is sure to pair well with any of your brunch items, but to really impress mom, take it the extra step with some home-made chocolate croissants.


Cheers to you, Mom!

Drink of the Week – May 1


Now that spring is finally here, it’s a great time to pull out your patio furniture, mix yourself a Tom Collins, and soak up the sun!

This classic drink, which originated in London, England, is a smooth blend of gin, lemon juice, simple syrup and club soda; making it the perfect sparkling-lemonade cocktail.

Served on the rocks, this drink, can be garnished with a cherry and a twist of lemon or orange for that added touch.

The Tom Collins pairs perfectly with those chicken skewers you’re about to throw on the grill.

What a great way to kick off the month of May!

Drink of the Week – April 23


We’re kicking off our featured drink of the week, with the Burgundy, a modern classic.

This traditional Canadian drink, named after the legend – Ron Burgundy, is made with handcrafted Canadian Whiskey, gingerale, and just a splash of cranberry juice for extra flavour.

Served on the rocks, it makes for a great aftenoon or after-dinner drink you’re sure to enjoy.

In the words of the great Ron himself, “Don’t act like you’re not impressed”